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Oct 1, 2013

Mahama lauded for female appointments

Faculty and students of the Kennesaw State University on Monday recognised President Mahama for his belief in the capability of women and putting many in decision-making positions in his government.

Answering questions after a lecture that discussed Ghana’s growing international stature as a democratic and developing country at the Kennesaw State University in the State of Georgia, USA, President Mahama told the audience that he has appointed many women in his government because he believes that they “are the backbone of our society.”

President Mahama’s address marked what has been a yearlong study programme on Ghana by the University and dubbed ‘Year of Ghana’. Responding to a question about the role of women in Ghana’s future, Mr. Mahama said women have a role in Ghana today; noting that it explains why “women of Ghana are playing a very prominent role in what is happening in our country.”

To a thunderous applause, which also dominated discussions after the lecture, President Mahama said “in our country women hold some of the most prominent positions in my government- our foreign minister is a woman, our Attorney General and Minister for Justice is a woman, the Minister for Transport is a woman, the minister for education is a woman, the minister for health is a woman, the minister for tourism is a women, the Chief Justice is a woman, the Director of Prisons is a woman, the Controller & Accountant General, who handles all government payments is a woman… there are so many of them.”

He also answered questions about youth development and employment programmes, what accounts for Ghana’s stability and soaring democratic credentials, reform of the security country and how his life and story can influence young people.

President Mahama will on Tuesday hold a number of business and investment networking sessions, grant an interview to CNN and hold a meeting with the Ghanaian Community in Georgia.