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Apr 28, 2014

World Bank Supports Ministry Of Agriculture

The World Bank has awarded $100 million to the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to implement a five-year Ghana Commercial Agriculture project.

The project, which is expected to end in September 2017, is to increase access to land, private sector finance, input- and output-markets by smallholder farms from private-public partnerships in commercial agriculture in Accra Plains and Savanna Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) zone.

A WB document made available to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on today said the disclosure of the information was in line with the Bank's Access to Information Policy approved by the Board of Executive Directors in November 2009.

According to the WB, the project has four main component; strengthening investment promo infrastructure, facilitating secure access to land and project management; securing PPPs and small-holder linkages in the Accra Plains; securing PPPs and small-holder linkages in the SADA zone; and project management and monitoring and evaluation.

The second Implementation Support Mission carried out from December 2 to 20, 2013 has reviewed the status of agreed actions and updated the procurement plan with the view of speeding up its implementation.

The statement said it also reviewed the financial management of the project with a view to speed up disbursement; reviewed the final report of the Accra Plains Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Prefeasibility Study; and carried out field visits with particular emphasis on the Northern Regional.

The statement said seven months after declaration of effectiveness, the project is fully operational with a good number of major procurements having been launched and at various levels of processing; the launching of the call for proposals for the 1st tranche of the matching grant in the amount of US$5 million; the Aerial land survey by Lidar Technology for Nasia-Nabogo Valley for 400,000 ha is moving ahead as planned; and other key studies are also ongoing.

According to the statement, the procurement process is underway for technical feasibility studies on investment in land development for commercial agriculture SADA Zone valleys forUS$3.7million; consultancy services to develop a national framework for out-grower and contract farming arrangements for US$300,000.00; consultancy service to develop a concept paper on land banks which are appropriately applicable to Ghana for US$250,000.00.

Others are consultancy service to provide technical assistance for the development of a model land lease agreement for US$250,000.00; consultancy service to develop strategic plan, research on investment climate and develop capacity of staff for commercial agriculture investment for US$500,000.00.

The rest are consultancy service for the preparation of Pre-Feasibility Analysis Report for the Rehabilitation and/or Construction of Agriculture Storage (Warehouse) Infrastructure for US $600,000.00.

According to the statement it is expected that these big ticket items which are at various stages in the procurement process will allow the project to be at full speed and by ricochet lead it to a very significant disbursement level in the next six months. – GNA