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Oct 7, 2014


Cocoa Link, an amalgamation of Ghana Cocoa Board, Hershey Company and the World Cocoa Foundation, is the winner of Concordia Summit’s P3 Impact award for the year 2014 and for its prize, was presented with an engraved plaque.

Cocoa Link was selected winners for assisting cocoa farmers to connect with government agriculture experts and using the latest information on modern farming techniques through two-way mobile phone exchange.

The P3 Impact award, according to organisers, was created to recognize Public-Private Partnerships (P3) that are improving communities and the world in the most impactful ways.

The award also seeks to highlight best practices and actionable insight in the Public-Private Partnership arena.

The Cocoa Link initiative was because in West Africa, cocoa farming villages are often isolated, thus making it difficult for farmers to access information on good Agriculture practices

To address this issue, the three companies, Ghana Cocoa Board, Hershey Company and World Cocoa Foundation partnered to connect cocoa farmers to Government Agriculture experts and the latest information on modern farming techniques through two-way mobile phone exchange.

With the Cocoa Link initiative, farmers use text and voice messages to receive information and ask questions about farming conditions and practices.

The widespread use of mobile phones makes the Cocoa Link initiative an economical and easy-to-use platform with 45,000 registered Cocoa Link farmers in 1,800 communities.

Compared to non-Cocoa Link farmers, on the average, Cocoa Link farmers experience 45 percent yield improvement and 70 percent income increase.

The organisers of the award programme hoped other cocoa farmers would use the insight  from the Ghana Cocoa Link initiative to extend the Ghanaian initiative to increase cocoa production in West Africa.

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