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Jan 15, 2015


…Ambassador tells Ghanaians in USA

Development projects are speedily going on all over Ghana and the government recognises the contribution of the Ghanaian Diaspora in all this but wants to move the Diaspora’s contribution a step further in the overall national development agenda.

His Excellency Lt. Gen. (rtd) Joseph Henry Smith, Ghana’s Ambassador to the United States of America (USA) said this when he addressed the 6th Annual Dinner Dance of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KUNST) Alumni, DMV chapter with the theme “Alumni in the Diaspora; our role in nation building” in Virginia last Saturday, January 10, 2015.

He said it was in furtherance that the Diaspora Affairs Bureau (DAB) had been created at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate the engagement of the Diaspora in national development.

As results, Ambassador Smith said, all the country’s Missions have Diaspora Desks to engage the Ghanaian community to coordinate their contributions towards national development.

He said every member of the Diaspora family has a contribution to make towards the country’s development, adding “the country needs everyone back home”.

On the achievement of the country, he said 22 years ago, Ghana accepted democracy and today, she is praised by the international community for being a stable country and asked the Ghanaian community to respect and defend the achievement of the country.

Ambassador Smith noted that it was due to the peaceful nature of Ghana that the United Nations has designating the country as the hub centre for the distribution of logistics for the countries affected by the Ebola epidemic within the sub-region, in addition, many companies all over the world are eager to establish businesses in Ghana because of the peace, stability and security the country is enjoying.

This, he stressed, does not mean the country has no problems but the international community is still interested in Ghana because they can see the security of their investment in Ghana.

Turning back home, Ambassador Smith urged the Ghanaian Community to consider the Mission as their home and utilise the facilities within the Mission like the Library where they can find all the Ghanaian newspapers to read.

He admitted there are some challenges confronting the Mission but assured the Ghanaian Community that a lot of changes are currently going on and very soon, the challenges would a thing of the past.

The Chairman of the occasion, Mr. Adolf Kofi Afful, also an KNUST Alumni, appealed to the Government of Ghana to implement the Representation of the People Act (ROPA) to enable Ghanaians in the Diaspora to exercise their franchise in elections in Ghana and appealed to government to re-consider the Taxes on import duties to facilitate the convenience in trading for Ghanaians in the Diaspora.

The KUNST North America Alumni Association-DC chapter is made up of members in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia regions.