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Feb 8, 2015

Abedi Pele salutes Black Stars achievement

The former captain and skipper of the Black Stars thinks the current squad have been great and up to the task so far.

Former captain of the Black Stars, Abedi Ayew Pele says the Black Stars of Ghana have beaten the odds to reach the finals of the AFCON in Equatorial Guinea.

Ghana's national football team defeated the hosts 3-0 in a semi final that was marred by scenes of violence that held up the game for over an hour as security forces struggled to contain angry home fans as they threw projectiles at players.

In an interview with Ayew, who captained Ghana to the final of the AFCON in 1992 and has two of his sons Andre and Jordan in the current team expressed his joy at the achievement of the team.

"What the team has done is incredible. They went into this tournament with very few people believing in them and they have overcome all these things including what happened during the semi final match. I congratulate them for keeping our proud record in this tournament and the final will be a great one to watch."

With a final against the Elephants of Cote d'Ivoire that is a replay of the 1992 match that he missed after picking up a suspension in the semi final, Abedi Pele is convinced the better prepared team will win.

"Sunday will be a final of two great teams and I anticipate a great game that will show the world the true strength of African football.  Both teams have quality players who can do damage at any time so preparation will be key. That is what will decide the final," the maestro said.

Ghana will be playing in its ninth AFCON final as it chases it's first win since 1982 while the Ivoirians chase a second title. The 1992 final between the two teams went down as the longest penalty shootout in the history of the tournament with the Ivoirians winning after a miss by Anthony Baffoe.