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Mar 30, 2015

Set up special libel court-Prof Adei

Accra, March 26, GNA - Professor Stehpen Adei, Former Rector of Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, has entreated the Chief Justice to set up a special libel and slander court for aggrieved people to have their cases settled expeditiously.

Prof Adei said even though the country has appropriate penalties and remedies in the statute books, the need for the special court would expedite redress for victims of uncontrolled bad press, leading to responsible journalism.


He made the appeal on Thursday at a lecture to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) in Accra on the theme: "80 years of dependable broadcasting: Evolving into the digital age”.

Speaking on the topic: GBC at 80: The Relevance of Public Service Broadcasting (PSB), Prof Adei stressed that commercial airwaves which repeat bad press in their reviews and discussions should be made equally liable.

He noted that press freedom should not be allowed to undermine individual liberty and that the National Media Commission must be strengthened to sanction blatant violations of the fundamental ethics of journalism.

Prof Adei said the relevance of PSB lies in the fact that properly organized and allowed to function with the requisite financial technical and human resources would provide voice to the voiceless, promote national cohesion and facilitate discussions on national development.

He said public service broadcasting plays an important role in ensuring the public’s right to receive a wide diversity of independent and non-partisan information and ideals and that promote a sense of national identity and serve the needs of minority and other specialized groups.

The Professor said PSB has remained relevant to Britain, Australia and others because they continually redefined themselves doing their traditional activities of enlightenment, entertaining and participation with more innovative approaches on its contents.

He said GBC must retain its basic characteristics but change significantly in respect to new relationship with their audiences and adopt new technologies as appropriate to be relevant in this current media globalization.

Prof Adei noted that GBC can become an authentic PSB house when it is publicly funded through realistic national license fee, public subsidies and internally generated funds mainly through selective advertising.

He added that another way of supporting GBC is to put a national PSB on the electricity bill of all consumers of GH¢ 1.00 a month that excludes the poor to provide adequate resources to the corporation as a PSB.

Prof Adei said the corporation must spearhead the resolution of critical issues facing the country by preserving the integrity of vital governance institutions in an era of extreme partisanship and improve public health and quality, accessible and affordable basic and secondary education.

GBC must use its platform to discuss and advocate for national government since the constitution makes it possible to form a government which reflects the national character of the country. – GNA