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Oct 27, 2015

MPs move into refurbished Job 600 building as Parliament reconvenes

Members of Parliament will move into their offices at the refurbished Job 600 complex Tuesday. The movement into the $63 million structure had been postponed many times.

Job 600 was constructed to serve as venue for the 1965 meeting of the Organisation of the then OAU, now the African Union, but the re-engineering of the structure was turned into offices for MPs.

Deputy Director of Public Affairs of Parliament, Kate Addo gave assurance that the structure “is ready to be occupied.

Meanwhile, Parliament reconvenes October 27. There are twenty five Bills on the table for presentation.

These include the Ghana School of Law, Legal Service, Road safety, Tax Administration and Electronic Communication Bills.

There are also thirteen Bills at Committee level with ten of them at the Consideration stage which include the right to information Bill.

Twenty five other instruments are to be presented at the meeting.

During the meeting, the 2016 budget will be read and appropriate bills passed.

Meanwhile, Members of Parliament are expected to move into the newly refurbished Job 600 building as the House reconvenes today after a 12-week break.

Twenty five bills are expected to be considered during the meeting, which is likely to last eight weeks.

They include the Ghana School of Law Bill, the Legal Service Bill, the Road Safety Bill, the Tax Administration Bill, the Electronic Communication Bill, the Companies Bill, 2013, the Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Bill and the Whistleblower (Amendment) Bill, 2015.

There are more than 25 instruments to be presented at the meeting, as well as 40 papers.

The 2016 Budget and Financial Statement of the Government will be presented to the House by the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Mr Seth Terkper. The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Africa Region Conference will be held within the period.

It will bring together various speakers and presiding officers from 18 African countries to discuss issues affecting legislatures within the British Commonwealth.

The House will also hold the annual Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols on December 16, 2015.