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Feb 2, 2011

Land Use Reform gets support

Ms. Sherry Ayittey, the Minister of Environment, Science and Technology, has announced that, her Ministry will totally support the ongoing reforms in the land use planning system under the land administration project.


She explained that, the land use planning and management project will address issues of incompatible land uses on environmental conflicts and also ensure that land is set aside for essential public facilities and services.

 Ms. Ayittey made this known in Accra, when the team for the new spatial land use planning system presented the final report of the Land Use Planning and Management Project (LUPMP) to her.

 According to her, the land use reform is to provide online access to all levels of plans, information on land ownership, valuation and status of development.

 She therefore urged the Town and Country Planning Department counterpart staff to continue the programme and upscale the experience gained from the pilot works, to the rest of the country.

 Ms. Ayittey also appeals to stakeholders, particularly the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies, to fully take up their roles as the planning authorities at the local level, and provide an enabling environment for the department to perform its role effectively and efficiently.

Source: ISD