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Apr 13, 2011

Phone number portability begins July, 2011

Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, the Minister of Communications, has announced that Ghana will start operating telephone number portability from July, this year since the legal regime to regulate and ensure smooth operationalisation of the system by all mobile telecommunication operators have been completed.
He adds that the Attorney-General’s Department has finalized all the legal issues with the operation of number portability and the bill will be submitted to Parliament in May, after which it will be passed into law. Mr. Iddrisu made the announcement in Wa, at a day’s public education on Electromagnetic fields from telecommunication masts, saying that the introduction of number portability system in the country is to enable mobile telecom subscribers to switch onto different operators at will while maintaining their original numbers. He said the new system will also ensure that telecom operators provide efficient and effective services to their subscribers. He, therefore, called on the National Communications Authority (NCA), to take steps to sanction all operators within the Upper West Region whose call drop rate is above normal. Source: ISD