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Jul 13, 2011

Government to re-equip Ghana Air force

The Government has decided to invest $250 million in the acquisition of aircraft and other equipments for the Ghana Air Force to enable it provide other services to the public.

The aircraft to be acquired will also be available to the National Disaster Management (NADMO) for the airlifting of Humanitarian Logistics and also for assisting in the emergency airlift of stranded Ghanaians in foreign countries, when the need arise.

According to sources at the Ministry of Defense, the investment is the first phase of significant Fleet renewal program, which includes the acquisition of a new E195 jet aircraft, two new CASA 295 turboprop aircraft, two Diamond surveillance and training aircraft, as well as modern wide-bodied hangar for services, maintenance and repair of aircraft.

The source revealed that the aircraft will also receive two new Mi 171 heavy lift helicopters and two Dolphin Eurocopter medium lift helicopters for troops and logistics transport, medical evacuation, the airlift of bullions, humanitarian operations, power lines inspection and emergency response for the oil industry and will be the first major fleet renewal the Air force since the early 1970s.

Source: ISD