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Aug 26, 2011

New e- registration for companies

Mr. George Blankson, the Commissioner-General of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), says the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) and GRA have been electronically networked under the Government of Ghana e- project to undertake on-line business registration, filing of tax returns and payment of taxes.

According to him, all existing customers of GRA and RGD are to re-register their businesses for a new Tax Identification Number (TIN) and a new TIN certificate, whilst registration of new organizations and tax payment will be done online from September, this year.

Mr. Blankson disclosed this in Accra, explaining that the initiative aims at enhancing registration of businesses and the collection of tax in the country.

He said the project is being funded by the World Bank and that the re-registration of companies will be done in two phases. Phase one will start from September, 2011 to Decenber, 2011 and will cover registration of businesses and taxpayers, as well as tax type registration for GRA, which will be centred in the Greater Accra Region.

Mr. Blankson said phase two is scheduled to take place from January 2012 and will cover other Regions, Ministries Department and Agencies.

The Commissioner-General mentioned entities required to register as Individual Taxpayers, Companies limited by shares or guarantee and unlimited liability companies

Others are Public Limited Liability Companies, External Companies, Sub- subsidiaries Partnerships, Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies, Co-operatives, Foreign Missions, Trusts and Public Institutions.

He explained that GRA will be linked to the RGD electronically to ensure that GRA has access to their database to access details of registered businesses for easy tracking and for tax purposes, stressing that project management approach has been adopted to deliver the integration process of which 16 project teams were set up to develops various activities to be implemented over a three-year period.

Mr. Blankson said the introduction of this modern business trend will create improved working environments, better interaction with taxpayers, training and career development opportunities and skills upgrade for RGD and GRA staff.

Source: ISD