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Sep 30, 2011

President Launches Policy Execution Control System

President John Evans Atta Mills has called on Kofi Annan Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to step up the speed on the implementation of development projects for the benefit of the citizenry.


He said the ‘Better Ghana’ agenda being pursued by his administration was time-bound hence the need for projects under the various policies to be properly executed and monitored for desired results.

 President Mills made the call in Accra when he launched the government’s Policy Performance Management System.

 He added that the internet-based system, is developed by the Policy Evaluation, and Oversight Unit (PEOU) of the Office of the President, with support from the UNDP, will serve as database for all government policies and programmes.

 It will also provide information about the development oriented activities of all government institutions, while tracking the progress of all projects and automatically alerts the Unit of any delays.

 The internet-based will serve as an interactive network between the MDAs and the Office of the President, the system also keeps records of loans secured by the government, their disbursement and utilization. It stores government staff data and payroll operations, as well as collecting feedback on government activities from the public, through its website address,

 In addition, the system will help the government to pursue a more scientific approach to governance, provides the platform for the public to seek and verify information about government’s development projects.

 President Mills directed all government agencies to actively use the Policy Performance Management System, which had been developed to among other things help in tracking the progress of projects and collate feedback on their impact, thus ensuring that all the MDAs were on track.

According to the President, the system, is more than a record-keeping tool, for good and transparent governance that will serve future governments, describing it as “trans-generational and ideologically neutral”.

Source: ISD