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Dec 5, 2011

President Mills Seeks UN Support for Violence-Free Election

His Excellency President John Evans Atta Mills has requested the United Nations (UN) to keep a close eye on Ghana as he remains strongly committed to ensuring that next year’s General Election is violence-free. 

President Atta Mills made the request when he met with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at the North Lawn UN Headquarters located at the 1st Avenue and 46TH street, in New York.   

President Atta Mills, who has continued to pledge to ensure that Ghana comes out of next year’s election more united to build a Better Ghana, said that the UN as well as other International Bodies must support Ghana’s effort to stay united and intact.

According to President Mills, he inherited a peaceful Ghana and will leave no stone unturned to ensure that Ghana sinks deeper into the tenets of democracy under his watch.

“I will not allow Ghana to burn under my watch and want the UN to support me in this endeavour” President Mills said.

“I know that you are hearing some ugly noises but those noises will not be allowed to see the light of day” President Atta Mills added.

According to President Atta Mills, the will and wishes of the people will remain supreme and nobody will be allowed to subvert what the majority of Ghanaians want.

“I don’t have an inordinate desire to be President; what I want is to better the living standards of Ghanaians and for us to continue to live in peace and harmony” President Mills said.

“God forbid that Ghana will be destroyed under my watch! I can assure you that in as much as we are confident that we will gain the confidence of Ghanaians to have another term, we will also make sure that all those who want to destroy our peace and stability are dealt with decisively”.

On his part, Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon assured President Atta Mills that the UN values very much the peace and stability in Ghana and will support every effort to make sure that Ghana’s leading role  in, peace, democracy, and stability on the continent is kept intact.

According to the UN Secretary General, next year’s election affords Ghana another opportunity to fly high Her democratic credentials and the UN will not sit idly by and allow the unacceptable to happen.

“The United Nations is prepared to provide all the support that we can to make Ghana remain a beacon of, democracy, peace, and stability, and you can count on us” Mr. Ban Ki-Moon told President Mills.

“I admire your leadership qualities and will support your quest to build a Better Ghana” Mr. Ban Ki-Moon added.

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon once again praised President Atta Mills for the unique and important role he played in giving Cote d’Iviore the peace that the country is currently enjoying.

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon also thanked President Atta Mills for the warm reception and hospitality that he was accorded when he detoured through Ghana to Cote d’Iviore for the investiture of President Ouattarra.

The UN Secretary General told President Atta Mills that he intends to pay an official visit to Ghana next year.

His Excellency President Atta Mills said Ghana was ever-willing to play host to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon.

President Atta Mills was accompanied by his Chief of Staff, Henry Martey Newman and Ghana’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Ken Kanda, who was highly commended by the UN Secretary General for doing a good job.

Source: Castle, Osu