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Feb 8, 2012

$25M for MCA projects

Mr. Martin Eson-Benjamin, Chief Executive of the Millennium Development Authority (MIDA), says government is providing an additional 25 million dollars to support the Millennium Challenge Compact programme in Ghana.


He said, the success of the first compact has gained the respect and trust of the USA as a result of which Ghana has been reselected and now fully engaged in the process towards a new compact that will accelerate the development of the country’s economy.

Mr. Eson-Benjamin made this known in Accra at a Meet-the-Press briefing, and stressed some of the success chalked under the programme, as road networks, building the capacity of farmers and making funds available to them to help them own the land they farm on.

According to him, the process towards the execution of the compact programme envisaged the integrated and simultaneous development of agriculture, transportation and rural development projects.

He said “the goal of the compact is to reduce poverty through economic growth in Ghana, led by agricultural transformation by increasing production and enhancing the competitiveness of Ghana’s high value cash and food crops in both local and international markets”

Mr. Eson-Benjamin said the programme targeted farmers and their communities who have taken up the responsibility of feeding the nation but lacked clean water, clinics, schools and organized markets for their produce.

He said as a result, the agriculture sector received a total budget of 208.8 million dollars 38.8 percent of the total budget of the compact.

Source: ISD