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Feb 9, 2012

Mobile Phones Improves Health Delivery

Mr. Daniel Darko, a Director of Health Information at the Ghana Health Service, says the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has piloted the use of mobile phones in an effort to bridge the gap between community health workers and patients.


He said, the project aims at improving the quality and quantity of antenatal and neonatal care in rural communities in Ghana.

Mr. Darko, disclosed this at Busongo in the Kassena-Nankana West District to officially mark the end of the pilot phase of the programme and added that the Mobile Technology for Community Health (MoTeCH) project was initiated with the goal of improving the availability of health information for clients and patients and health workers so that better information will lead to improved maternal and child health outcomes in rural communities.

According to him, the project was piloted in the Kassena-Nankana East and West District of the Upper East Region, is a joint initiative between the GHS, the Grameen Foundation and the Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

He pointed out that, under the pilot phase which was launched in 2010, health workers used mobile phones to disseminate home-based health education to families and encouraged them to seek pre-pregnancy and child health services.  Pregnant women and their partners received regular, customized messages in voice or text format based on their baby’s due date.

In addition to alerts and reminders concerning their clients, health workers also benefited from the introduction of simplified registers which streamlined the paper based capture and management of health information at the Community-based Health Planning and Services Centers in the communities.  Thus, it provided a standardized format for all community health officers in the project areas.

Source: ISD