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Mar 14, 2012

Scores of Ghanaians Throng KIA to Welcome President Mills

Part of the airside at the Kotoka International airport was turned into a mini rally ground on Tuesday night as scores of Ghanaians thronged the airport to welcome home President John Evans Atta Mills and wife, Naadu from the recent US trip.

The crowd was clad in Atta Mills T-Shirts and other paraphernalia, singing and dancing to songs that were being played. The section of the airside where they gathered was cordoned off with police personnel monitoring them.

President Mills on arrival thanked them for the warm reception and gave the assurance he was confident the people of Ghana would re-elect him in the general elections in December 2012.

He however stressed; “Nobody can win on the basis of lies and insults. Falsehood and insults are incompatible with victory”.

Briefing reporters, President Mills said indications from all the meetings he had had with the business community in the U.S, cabinet ministers and executives of Exim Bank, among other institutions, showed that the Americans were determined to take advantage of the opportunities available in Ghana.

He stated that the US Exim Bank's readiness to assist Ghana in her development by extending credit for development was a unique opportunity.

He added, "This, as well as commendations from US President Barack Obama is an indication that he recognises the efforts being made by this government to develop the country.

“I didn’t write his script for him, I was encouraged that someone of Obama’s stature recognised what we’ve done. Even though some people don’t see it, people who are 1000 miles away have seen it. It’s not a sole effort, it is a team effort”, he said.

President Mills said Ghana’s qualification for the second compact of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) was an acknowledgement that government had done well.

“This shows we are on a good path and if we continue along this path, surely we will win 2012”, he said.

He assured Ghanaians that government would continue to promote more development, saying the fact that it was an election year did not mean everything else should stop.

President Mills was met on arrival by Vice President, John Mahama, some Ministers of State, The Managing Director of GACL, some service personnel and large crowd of Ghanaians.

Source: Castle, Osu