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Mar 28, 2012

Ghana to Host Model African Union Summit in May

This year’s Model African Union Summit (MAUS), a high-level conference for the youth across Africa, was, yesterday, launched in Accra.

The summit, which is being organized on the theme: “Boosting intra-African trade through entrepreneurship” is the largest gathering of the youth in diplomacy across Ghana and Africa, and simulates a typical African Union Heads of State Summit.

It is being organized by the MAUS Commission in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to commemorate this year’s Africa Union (AU) Day celebrations.

In a statement to launch the Summit, Mr John Armah, Chairman of the MAUS Commission, called on corporate Ghana to support the organization of the conference which, he said, aimed to train and educate the youth on the workings of the African Union, with the goal of setting a new standard for the African youth.

Mr Armah expressed gratitude to the Government of Ghana for giving the youth the opportunity to showcase their potentials.

This year’s conference, the second in a series, takes place on the 25th of May.

More than 200 student leaders from Ghana and across Africa attended the first-ever summit, last year, which was organized on the theme: “Accelerating the role of the youth in a sustainable development.

A direct result of last year’s conference was the formation of the Ghana Youth Employment Forum and the consequent establishment of the Ghana Centre for Entrepreneurship, Employment and innovation.

Source: ISD