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Apr 19, 2012

IAC inaugurated at Legon

Mr. Emmanuel Owusu-Oware, a Director of the University of Ghana Computing System, has inaugurated a US$400,000 Information Access Centre (IAC), at the University of Ghana to improve IT literacy.

He said the centre funded by the South Korean government, seeks to bridge the digital divide between Ghana and the developed world.

Mr. Owusu-Oware, inaugurating the centre in Accra, said the centre will offer comprehensive IT training programmes.

He pointed out that, the centre will be under the joint management of the University of Ghana Computing Systems and the Balme Library, with advisory and technical support services provided by the Korean government.

Mr. Ernest Attuquaye Armah, a deputy Minister of Communication, in a statement read on his behalf, noted that ICT has changed people’s thinking, behaviour and also how they communicate.

He also stated that ICTs including digital technologies, such as computers and the internet have, become potentially powerful enabling tools for educational change and reform.

The centre is made up of an Internet lounge, an IT training laboratory, five seminar rooms and an administrative office.

Source: ISD