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May 30, 2012

Brazil to Supply Ghana with Agric Equipment

Brazil has approved Ghana’s request for the supply of various types of equipment to mechanize the country’s agricultural sector.

This follows a meeting yesterday in Brasilia between Vice President John Dramani Mahama and the Minister for Agrarian Development of Brazil, Pepe Vargas.

Minister Vargas told the Vice President that Brazil, in line with its earlier commitments, was ready to provide the needed financing for the supply of Brazilian agricultural machinery and equipment to Ghana. The Farm tractors, boom sprayers, planters, water pumps, threshers, reapers, harvesters, among others that will be supplied by Brazil, is aimed at enhancing the policy of improving agricultural output through increased mechanization.

The Mills administration has been working to mechanize the country’s agricultural sector, and has over the last three years established eight-four agriculture mechanization service centres across the country.

According to Vice President Mahama, the Mills administration as reflected in the President’s recent visit to the G8 and the focus of his presentation, believes that ensuring food security and net exporter of food is what Ghana needs at this time of its development.

Ghana’s Ministry of Food & Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance is expected to validate the prices and terms of financing by the end of next week, for confirming by the Brazilian government.

Mr Mahama explains that once the processes are completed, Cabinet will discuss the details for approval and laying before parliament for consideration.

The Vice President is meanwhile expected to make a presentation at the ongoing Fifth Ministerial Forum on Development being organized by the UNDP.

Source: Office of the Vice President