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Mar 15, 2013

Government to help keep textile companies in business

Mr. Haruna Iddrisu, Minister of Trade and Industry (MOTI), has assured textile manufacturing companies in the country that government would do everything possible to keep them in business.

He said government would initiate far reaching measures to rid the textile business of pirated products, which is “killing the local companies”.


Mr Iddrisu made the remarks when he interacted with journalists after a visit to Ghana Textile Printing Company Limited, (GTP) at Tema on Thursday.


He said: “an administrative ban for the importation of textiles to be cleared only at three entry points; the Kotoka International Airport, Tema and Takoradi Ports will be in force by 1st June, 2013”.


When this is done, any textiles that will be allowed into the country other than the designated ports will be seized. It will enhance the collection of taxes since smuggling and under-invoicing will be reduced”.


Mr Iddrisu pledged that the MOTI would work with the Ministry of Finance and the Ghana Revenue Authority to prevent lapses to make sure government generate more revenue for national development.


Mr Iddrisu said government has put in place measures to improve access to utilities to keep industries in business.


According to the minister, the taskforce mandated to deal with the influx of pirated textiles in the country would be re-constituted soon.


He explained that “the reconstituted taskforce will be expanded to include textile manufacturers. This will strengthen the hands of manufacturers to expeditiously deal with perpetrators”.


Mr Iddrisu said he will liaise with the Ministry of Finance to ensure that GTP benefited from the granting of differed VAT payment for the purchase of cotton from the local cotton farmers.


He said the MOTI had submitted for consideration by government Intellectual Property Bill, to protect the work of creative minds to forestall the pirating of designs of textile manufactures.

Source: GNA