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May 13, 2013

Ghana Celebrates European Union Day

The European Union and Africa have forged a partnership aimed at addressing the challenges of the present circumstances and attaining better standards of living for their people.


The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Seth Terkper, said this at a reception to commemorate European Union Day in Accra.

He said the dictates of the globalised world demanded partnership for sustainable development and was happy that the EU had identified the promotion of business between Ghana and Europe as a common assignment for the expansion of the private sector which is the engine of growth for Ghana’s economy.

Mr. Terkper said Ghana and the EU shared similar values such as Democracy, good governance, respect for human rights, and promotion of the rule of law and justice, press freedom among other core values of humanity.

Relations between Ghana and the EU, according to the finance Minister, dated back to 1975, with the EU offering support to Ghana’s effort at poverty alleviating and accelerated development over the years.

Those relations, he said had transformed into fruitful collaborations and mutually beneficial co-operation encircling various aspects of national development which had yielded significant returns on Ghana’s economy.

Mr. Terkper opined that for 2013 the EU had about 115 million euro budget support disbursement in the pipeline and was also a major Development Partner Assistance (ODA) to Ghana.

He commended the EU for assisting Ghana through various programme and projects, adding “Ghana’s achievements were made possible by the contribution and assistance of the EU and its member’s states”

Mr. Claude Maeten, the head of the EU delegation to Ghana, hailed Ghana’s positive track record of promoting human rights and good governance.

He observed that Ghana, EU partnership had developed deeper and stronger over the years and pledged the EU’s continues support for Ghana.

He urged the country to intensify the fight against corruption by reinforcing the powers of independent constitutional bodies and role of parliament.

Source: ISD, Accra