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Jul 26, 2013

Hershey Company to buy more Cocoa from Ghana

Ambassador Daniel Ohene Agyekum on Thursday commended the Hershey Company for supporting cocoa farmers in Assin Foso.

He said it is important to know the background and the needs of the people you trade with to enable you make inputs into the development of their lives and community.

Ambassador Agyekum made this observation during a familiarization tour to the Hershey Company’s factory in Pennsylvania, USA.  He also suggested and advised them to explore other avenues of modernization when it comes to pre harvesting of the crop.

Hershey Company, established in 1894, has Ghana as its third Cocoa supply country.  Mr. John P. Bilbrey, President and Chief Executive officer of the Hershey Company outlined the programs rolled out to support Cocoa Farmers in the Assin Fosu community.

One major achievement by the Hershey Company he said, is the training of the Cocoa farmers to improve their farms by introducing modern farming and agricultural techniques, through the “Learn to Grow’, program.

‘Cocoa Link” is another program launched in Ghana in 2011 with the Ghana Cocoa Board and the World Cocoa Foundation, to give out vital information to the cocoa farmers. Through this program, more than 400,000 SMS messages have been provided at no cost to 27,800 farmers in more than 500 communities.  More than 35 percent of women use the “Cocoa Link’ program. It is also to close the gap between the female farmers and their male counterparts as they meet to discuss information sent on line.

Hersey Company also has an educational program with a school in Assin Fosu connected with Hershey Milton School in Pennsylvania, USA.

It is the expectation of Hershey Company to get steady increase of cocoa production and supply from Ghana.

In his closing remarks, Ambassador Daniel Ohene Agyekum expressed the hope that the cordial relationship between Hershey Company and Ghana would enhance in the modernization of pre-planting and harvesting of more quality cocoa beans from Ghana.