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Aug 1, 2013

Government to reduce entry-point bureaucracy

Government is committed to reduce bureaucracy that have, over the years, stifled business at the country's ports and harbours.

Government has also appealed to the business community to adhere to the rules and regulations of exporting and importing to avoid tax evasion at the exit and entry points of the country.

Mr Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed, a Deputy Minister of Information and Media Relations, who made this known during the daily media briefings at the Flagstaff House, Kanda, said the measures are based on some concerns raised by the business community.

He gave the assurance that the revenue task force inaugurated months ago to check financial leakages was up to the task and would, therefore, ensure that all things are streamlined in the coming months.

For some time now, the business community had raised concerns about the impediments that they go through on daily basis in trying to clear their goods.

While some had sent official reports to government, others had raised those concerns on various media platforms.

The reduction of such bottlenecks, he said, would not only facilitate the movements of goods and services but would also encourage others to do business in Ghana.

On cost reduction, the Deputy Minister said in order to place the economy on a sound and workable pedestal government would stay within the budget and reduce expenditures that could be detrimental.

Although he did not mention any specific expenditure that would be reduced, Mr Mohammed said the Minister of Finance had already issued a circular to various Ministries, Departments and Agencies against spending beyond their budgets.

He said 750.00 dollars of the subscribed Eurobond floated weeks ago would be lodged with the Bank of Ghana early August and gave the assurance that the money would be used for the purpose for which it was raised.

Source: GNA