Ghana's New Business Opportunities

Recent amendments to Ghana's 1985 Investment Code have opened up a wide range of new business opportunities. The 1994 Ghana Investment Promotion Act guarantees the freedom for non-Ghanaians to establish and run enterprises in potentially lucrative areas such as natural gas; hydropower projects; fruit and vegetable farming; food processing, including fish canning; production of agro- chemicals; pharmaceuticals; and information technology.

The government's ongoing privatization initiatives also open up a number of sectors for new business partnerships and investment, notably the banking and the state petroleum and telecommunications sectors.

Tourism is an especially strong area for new business projects. Key opportunities in this sector include: tourist accommodation, particularly beach resorts; tourist transportation; catering enterprises; eco-tourism projects; night life and leisure; and tourist servicing enterprises. The Government of Ghana estimates that tourism will generate over $270 million annually after 1996.