The Education section of the Embassy is tasked with steering the affairs of the Ghana Government sponsored students in the United States as its priority. In this regard, it serves as liaison for the students, their respective institutions of studies and the Ghana Scholarships Secretariat. Please note that the Education Section or for that matter the Embassy does not offer or arrange for scholarships to students. All sponsorships originate from the Ghana Scholarships Secretariat.

The Education section also handles “No Objection” applications for J1 visa holders by forwarding the request of the applicants to Ghana (The Scholarships Secretariat) on behalf of the applicants and if and when approved, the Embassy notifies the US State Department as well as the applicants. There is a guideline information sheet for applicants at the Embassy’s website under Visas and Consular affairs.

In connection with Fulbright Scholars who are sponsored to go to Ghana for studies and research projects, the Department assists by writing letters to enable them to send and bring back their research equipment. Fulbright Scholars seeking such assistance should request in writing, stating what they are going to do in Ghana, and listing the items they are carrying with them as well as their serial numbers.

No authentication of certificates are done by the section. Individuals or institutions seeking to authenticate certificates issued by academic institutions in Ghana may request the service of organizations such as the World Education Services (WES) which is specialized in foreign credential evaluation and has the mandate to help with such requests. The website address for WES is: