1. Renewal of Passports or Holders of Dual Citizenship Acquiring New Passports


    1. Cost of Passport Form $30.00

    2. Processing Fee $100.00

    3. The form must be submitted with 4 colour passport size photographs (full face), taken not more than three months from the date of application.

    4. The old passport or copy of dual citizenship card or certificate.

    Payment of fees should be made by money order, payable to "The Embassy Of Ghana".

    A period of 15 business days is required to process such an application. Same day passport processing is not allowed.

    At the request of an applicant, an additional $50 shall be paid for an expedited or emergency service within a minimum of 7 business days. Please note that this service is only applicable to renewal of passports and not missing passport applications.

Please return the completed application form along with a self-addressed prepaid overnight FEDEX, UPS Next Day Air, Express Mail (USPS), envelope for the return of issued passports.

(Please do not send a regular return envelope)

  1. Missing Passports

    The loss of the passport must be reported to the local police.


    1. Cost of Passport form- $30.00

    2. Processing Fee- $200.00

    3. The form must be submitted with 4 colour passport size photographs (full face).

    4. Original Police Report indicating loss of passport.

    5. Birth Certificate (both original and photocopy).

    6. Completed declaration forms one of which should be notarized. Click to download forms.

    7. Photo ID (colour copy).

    8. Processing Period could take up to 6 weeks from the date of receipt of application.


Requesting Passport Applications

Applications can be picked up in person from the embassy from Monday, through Thursday, 1:00 pm EST to 3:00 pm EST.

Click here to download application forms

The passport form fee of $30 and the processing fee should all be made payable to Ghana Embassy.

To receive passport applications and instructions by mail, please send a $30 money order along with a letter of request with a pre-paid self addressed envelope to the embassy at:

The Embassy of Ghana Consular Section 3512 International Dr. NW, Washington DC, 20008

Frequently Asked Questions