Recent Foreign Direct Investments

Recent divestments have encouraged multinationals, medium and small-sized foreign companies as well as Ghanaian nationals residing overseas to expand their business interests in Ghana. In September 1995, Coca-Cola initiated a $19 million investment in a new bottling plant and training facilities, and Heinz recently invested $20 million in a tuna canning operation, through its StarKist subsidiary.

The government is also emphasizing the development of non-traditional export sectors. One American firm, Coleman, has invested $23 million in freshwater fish farming for export. As other recent investments and new investment plans show -- by Caterpillar, Unilever, Guinness, M&W Pump, IBM, Lazare Kaplan, Deloitte & Touche, AT&T, Southwestern Bell, Pryor, McClendon & Counts, Eveready and more -- the time has never been better for doing business in Ghana, Africa's new beacon of economic opportunity.